Unleash is a new event concept that will unveil the future of the internet during Oslo Innovation Week. The Unleash Conference is initiated and organized through the initiative of the Norwegian startup Kaupr AS and co-organized by BISO Web3 Society, a student group at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.

About Kaupr.io

Kaupr AS is a Norwegian media startup that disseminates news and insights about Web3 and related topics in various formats, including an online news site, kaupr.io, social media, a YouTube channel, newsletters, events, and reports. The target group includes individuals, businesses, startups, and authorities interested in news and trends at the intersection of finance, technology, ownership, and culture in general. Kaupr has an additional focus on how web1 and web2 can be succeeded by a web3 and metaverse that is open and accessible to everyone.

Morten Myrstad is the founder and editor of Kaupr.io and the founder of the Unleash concept and will be the moderator at the event. Esther Mbikayi is our Commercial Associate. Morten Brun is our professional still and video photographer.

About BISO Web3 Society

BISO Web3 Society is one of over 70 student committees at BISO Oslo, which is the BI Student Organization at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo. The initiator behind the student group at BI (Norwegian business school) has been Sebastian Stehlik, while Jonas Morshedy is the new leader from the autumn of 2023.

You can read more about the cooperation with Kaupr here and about the student group here.

About our other partners

In the preparation of Unleash, we also have invaluable help from Nicolai Amirzadeh at Servergen, who have created the event webpage for us, Cassandra Dobbelstein who have created our logo and graphics, Magne Otterdal in Oslo Business Memo, who will be streaming the event and our supporting discussion partners Marius Javier Moreno-Sandnes, Even Sundsli, Truls Nymoen, Morten Brun, Anne Myrstad, Ole Scheie and Fredrik Skaugen.

About Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week is an umbrella event including over 80+ events hosted by both Norwegian and international incubators, investors, and startup ecosystem builders in Oslo, Norway. Oslo Innovation Week was last year visited by 15,000 people from all over the world, with great and wide publicity in the international media.

Attend in-person or virtual

Join us at UNLEASH and step into the future on 26. September.